On Balance – Beauty

On Balance – Beauty

Beauty is not on your face, beauty in your being. Not your body, not your soul, but is your actions, in your behavior. More »

Training And Education In Beauty And Cosmetology

Training And Education In Beauty And Cosmetology

Looks matter a lot and this is being increasingly realized by people all around us. But, how many good beauticians do we have who can do a very satisfying job? More »

Simple Beauty Tips For Everyone

Simple Beauty Tips For Everyone

There are so many expensive beauty products, beauty treatments and beauty spas selling the mainstream standard of beauty to women all over the world. More »

Home Beauty Recipes – Pampering Yourself Made Easy

Home Beauty Recipes – Pampering Yourself Made Easy

Being beautiful is one of the most coveted traits of women. There is nothing wrong with being beautiful as beauty is one of the assets of women. More »

Beauty Tips From Picasso

Beauty Tips From Picasso

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary,” said Pablo Picasso, and I wonder about symmetry being unnecessary to him. More »


Getting Beautiful Looking Skin Is Possible and Easy If You Know How

hao669.info1I still find lots of us wondering whether we can really achieve a beautiful looking skin and look as beautiful as we want to. Some think that beauty is for the next female and not for them. Well, if you belong to such school of thought, I am sorry to break that idea and tell you this – even YOU can look as beautiful as you want to. What is important is to find out what to do, what types of beauty care products to use, and ensure that you go ahead to do these things and use the right products.

Beauty care is not just about taking care of your face. It also involves taking care of your hair, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, skin, foot, nails and the rest of your body. No one would say they have achieved beauty when one or more parts of their bodies are not good looking. For example, if your hair is not well made yet your face is well made, you can’t say you look beautiful. It also involves knowing how to apply the right concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara or lip gloss.

Beauty Skin Care
It’s easier to achieve beautiful skin care than most people think. The first thing you should do when thinking of taking good care of your skin is to find out what your skin type is. Many people make the big mistake of buying and using just about any type of beauty skin care product without first finding out what their skin types are.

So, it’s of extreme importance, in your quest to achieve beautiful looking skin, to first find out from your dermatologist what your skin type is. This will go a very long way to help you in determining the types of skin care products to use and the types not to use.

Health & Beauty Care
One of the very good things about taking good care of your skin and other aspects that help to bring about your general beauty is that they also help to improve your overall health. In other words, health and beauty care can both be achieved if you go after any of them.

You see, there’s no way you can hope to look more beautiful without also improving your health. Looking beautiful is not just about what you use externally but also what you take internally – the types of food you eat, drinking enough water, etc – all these help to improve your overall health as well as your beauty.

Apply Natural Extracts For Hair Care Troubles

hao669.info2One of the most common problems that people experience with their hair is hair loss. Whether your hair is thin and you want fuller, thicker and healthier hair or your hair is just thinning, using a natural extract for this hair care problem is the safest way to achieve optimum results. Nettle extract is a very effective natural extract for hair care. Nettle extract will clean and stimulate the scalp to help stop the hair loss and provide a healthy condition for good hair to grow.

Nettle Extract

There are several different natural extracts for hair care but nettle extract does more then just prevent hair loss. It gives the scalp a deep cleaning and removes the excess fatty deposits from the hair and scalp. Nettle extract also stimulates the blood flow to the scalp and it fortifies each of the hair fibers. This natural extract also will help to oxygenate the hair follicles while promoting scalp and hair health to help grow a thicker and fuller head of hair.

Nettle extract comes from Argentina from the nettle plant, also known as a “stinging nettle” or “garden nettle”. This natural extract for hair care is found in warm climates and is very well known for its medicinal properties. This natural extract for hair care when processed will not cause irritation to the scalp or to the skin. This product comes in a shampoo, conditioner and lotion for hair.

Aloe Vera

The natural extract from the Aloe Vera leaf is another natural extract for hair care that is excellent for soothing the dry scalp and restoring the natural moisture balance of the hair. Blending the Aloe Vera extract with chamomile and Vitamin E will leave your hair full of shine. Use the extract from the Aloe Vera leaf as a conditioner and your hair will be shiny and soft and your scalp will have renewed moisture.


Yarrow extract is another natural extract for hair care which is very good for fine and limp hair. This extract, when combined in a shampoo, contains crustacean shell extracts to increase the moisture level in the hair shaft. So if your hair is lacking in body and fullness a yarrow extract concoction will add bounce to your hair beginning at the roots. A Chitin extract, another natural hair care extract helps to retain the moisture in the entire length of the hair shaft. These extracts will give your hair greater body and actually look thicker and full of energy.

How Cosmetic Dentistry Changed My Life

hao669.info3All my life I struggled with an imperfect smile. When I was young, my teeth grew in incorrectly and crooked. Some of my teeth were completely out of place. As if that isn’t bad enough, I developed an infection in a few of my teeth and had to get them removed so I had empty holes in my smile where teeth should be. I also had several crowns in my mouth. was very self conscious about my teeth and smile and was in serious need of a smile makeover. I decided to look into cosmetic dentistry and began by looking for a cosmetic dentist to fix my smile.

When I was first looking for a cosmetic dentist, I asked one of my friends (who now has perfect teeth and a flawless smile) what cosmetic dentist she went to. She told me where her cosmetic dentist was located and gave me some more information about her cosmetic dentist. Her cosmetic dentist specialized in making patients’ teeth perfect and smile beautiful. Her cosmetic dentist also did dental implants, crowns, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening. This cosmetic dentist sounded like everything I was looking for and more.

I called up my friend’s cosmetic dentist and scheduled a trial appointment at their cosmetic dentist office. On the day of my cosmetic dentist appointment, I was very nervous and wondered if my teeth were so bad that they wouldn’t be able to fix my smile and teeth. When I arrived at the cosmetic dentist office I was greeted warmly and the staff at the cosmetic dentist was very nice. I finally met up with the cosmetic dentist himself. I was very impressed with his credentials and the amazing reviews that other patients had given. The cosmetic dentist sat me down and asked me about my concerns about my smile and teeth.

I told my cosmetic dentist that I wanted my teeth to be straight and to have a perfect smile. My cosmetic dentist then gave me a quick oral examination and told me that it would be best to just pull out the imperfect teeth and install dental implants. My cosmetic dentist also told me that he could apply porcelain veneers to the salvageable teeth in my mouth to protect them and make them look perfect. My cosmetic dentist said that he would take the crowns off of my teeth and put porcelain veneers on instead. The part that I was most excited about was when my cosmetic dentist told me that he would install dental implants in my mouth to fill in the holes where I had to have teeth removed. I was so excited to have my smile makeover and perfect smile at last!

After I had my cosmetic dentistry work, I had the perfect smile. The results of my cosmetic dentistry treatment were absolutely incredible and I had never felt so confident in my life. I can not stop smiling now and showing off the results and the perfect smile that my cosmetic dentist gave me. I recommend cosmetic dentistry to all my friends now and if any of them need teeth whitening, dental crowns, bleaching, dental implants, porcelain veneers, or any of the other services my cosmetic dentist provides, and I always make sure they go to my amazing cosmetic dentist.

Beauty and Skills

Beauty is skills deep…

Origin of skills development

Skills development in South Africa has its origins in the early seventies. The idea started with labour unions that called for a type of system where members could attain, benchmark and manage the progress of their skills. It was believed by labour that skills were not adequately recognised, as only formal qualifications were considered when remuneration was discussed.

At the time, little formal training existed in the various fields of the beauty profession. Training in the Beauty SPA industry for example, was non existent. Individuals with real skills and competence enjoyed little or no formal recognition of their abilities on account of the absence of a formal system against which they could benchmark their skills. Business and management argued against high salary levels, citing these low skills as justification.

The time was right to create a system where formal recognition would be given for skills. However, the fact that these skills comprised smaller parts of an overall qualification presented a problem. The system called for a modular approach – almost a ‘building block’ approach. This would expose professionals to a system where learning could take place in steps but on a formalised basis, leading in time to a full qualification.

Why skills development is necessary in the beauty industry

Skills development in the beauty industry presents the beauty professional with an opportunity to complete formal training in their specific area of expertise, such as skin care, facials, etc. These ‘clusters’ of skills, called skills programmes, enable the beauty professional to accumulate skills bit by bit. Enrolling for an entire qualification might be daunting in view of work and other time-related pressures. Often these full qualifications are also offered only on a full-time basis (during the day), making it impossible to work and study part-time. The skills programme approach, on the other hand, enables the learner to acquire smaller sections of a qualification one at a time. These skills programmes can then be ‘articulated’ into a qualification.

Benefits of skills development for the beauty professional

The benefits of skills for the beauty professional are plentiful:
• Learners can obtain a formal qualification by completing the right combination of skills programmes.
• Skills programmes are competency-based rather than theoretical, as many qualifications were previously.
• Being competency-based, skills programmes can be used to measure performance.
• Skills programmes concentrate on real skills and applied knowledge that can be used to earn a living.
• Learners can use their practical experience to demonstrate competency in various skills.
• As skills are measured, skills gaps and skills development opportunities can be gauged.
• Skills programmes make it possible to compare the performance of one professional with that of another.
• Learners can benchmark their skills against formal skills programmes developed on a professional basis.
• Specific, individual skills can also be formalised and benchmarked on an international and professional basis.

Beauty, skills and unit standards

The development of skills for the beauty industry starts with the development of unit standards. Unit standards are documents that are put together by standards generating bodies (SGBs). They indicate the required level of knowledge as well as the required level of application of such knowledge for a particular skill or area of study. In other words, the unit standard is actually a performance standard that states what should be done, how it should be done and what prior knowledge is required to do it. Depending on the complexity, the amount of time and the level at which the task takes place, a credit value and level are assigned to the standard.

Assessment, training and RPL

The concept of assessment indicates a measurement of competency. Competency is measured as an absolute – a person is either competent or not yet competent. Competency refers to the stage where a person is performing a task at the required level, with the required level of information.

Training refers to the process that takes place either in the classroom or on the job, whereby a learner is guided and assisted towards competency.

The concept of RPL – recognition of prior learning – is often misunderstood. RPL refers to the recognition of a person’s past experience in proving their competency in relation to a unit standard. RPL can be seen as an alternative to training. However, it is often mistakenly taken to be an alternative for assessment. RPL does not in fact replace assessment; it simply means that one can use one’s knowledge to demonstrate competency. For example, a beauty professional with no qualification can ask an assessor to observe her doing a facial and to measure this against the requirements in the appropriate unit standards. This measurement then has to be documented in an assessment instrument.

RPL has certain advantages:

• It can help one obtain a qualification by demonstrating competency based on prior learning that is not classroom-based.
• It can save time, in that one does not have to sit in a classroom or undergo training in a training facility.
• It gives formal recognition to past experience and competency.
• It enables the learner to save on training costs.
• It prompts learners to keep naturally-occurring evidence for future use.

RPL also has certain impediments:

• RPL is often time-intensive.
• Having to collect and collate evidence can be costly and difficult, as people tend not to keep records of past experiences.
• RPL is sometimes impractical.
• RPL can be expensive.
• RPL requires past experience to be analysed and compared with a set of unit standards, often making the process more difficult than attending training.

Some examples

Nestled in the heart of the bush, an African Day Spa is at the forefront of skills development in the beauty industry. Staff are currently undergoing training in programmes such as Customer Management, Contact Centre Management and Administration. Skills development is also a very important driver in black economic empowerment (BEE).


The introduction of skills-based training is the answer to the up-skilling of the nation. The benefits are many and varied – from a more productive and more skilled workforce to higher earnings and profit. The real winner, though, is the fact that all of this can take place in small, bite-sized skills programmes of high quality.

Get To Know Some Beauty Tips, Join Online Beauty Courses Now!

Are you in search of an online schools for beauty? Online schools for beauty offers a number of online beauty courses that help groom your beautician skills and pave your way towards advanced careers in the cosmetology industry.

Online beauty courses can be defined as a continuing education course for professional manicurists, cosmetologists, estheticians, as well as instructors who are aiming for a career advancement or desire to renew their license. Obtaining a full fledged beautician course through distance learning is not possible. Over and above, all states do not approve license renewal.

If you are a professional cosmetologist and want to enhance your knowledge in the field of beauty then you can count on online cosmetology classes. The best part about online beauty classes is that you can continue with the course without having to resign from your present work. Beauty specialists, estheticians, cosmetologists can get enrolled in a distance learning course for getting acquainted with the cosmetology process and sophisticated techniques so as to advance their career to a further extent.

Online courses in beauty include multiple specialties like esthetics and hair styling, hair treatment and shampoo, pedicure and manicure, skin and nail care, electrolysis as well as make up application. After completing your online beauty course successfully you can grab jobs in spas and salons, the fashion and entertainment industry, in skin care salons, on cruise ships, reconstructive and dermatology, in retail marketing and sales, health spas and much more.

However, you need to be a license holder if you are planning to practice beautician course. For this, you will have to attend a private or public vocational school as well as get through state exams. All beauty courses need the prerequisite education, licensure and certification. Certain vocational schools provide day and evening classes so as to cater to the needs of working professionals. A certification course in Cosmetology engages 1-2 years of full time study.

Some of the benefits of opting for these courses include-

  1. You will be getting an increased level of suppleness and convenience together with improved co-operation and communication
  2. You can learn the course at your pace
  3. The online beauty courses are money saving as well as time saving
  4. What makes an online course in beauty all the more popular is that you don’t have to worry about the final exam or passing score

So, why enroll for offline courses when you can reap the same benefits and may be even a bit more from online beauty courses!

Beauty Books Are They Worth Your Money

Are you curious about improving your appearance? If you’re, are you curious about learning what sorts of makeup is best for you, as well as the best way to properly apply it? If you are you could have turned to the web or to fashion mags, but ever thought about purchasing a beauty book? If you have not or maybe if you have, you could be wondering whether beauty books are truly worth the money. When it comes to determining whether beauty books are worth the money, there are a number of crucial factors that should be considered. As an example, beauty books come in a variety of different formats. If you’re hunting for something particularly, like ways to correctly apply and remove makeup, you could be capable of finding a beauty book that specializes only on those jobs. Beauty books that are right to the point and contain the data that you’re looking are the best and they’re totally worth your cash. Additionally, when attempting to identify if beauty books are worth the buy, you may need to individually inspect each book that you have an interest in purchasing.

Books may cover the same subjects, but the data within them might be presented in other ways. For example, if you were aiming to buy a beauty book that revealed the right methods to apply makeup, you likely wish to see drawings or photos ; right? Just so you know, not all beauty guides contain detailed footage or drawings. That’s why it is important that you learn as much as you can about a beauty book before making the choice to buy one.

Though the beauty book or books that you want to buy are vital in deciding if the book or books are the worth your money, so is the location in which you purchase them from. You need to know that beauty books can be discovered at an enormous number of different locations.

For a start, you should purchase beauty books from your local bookstores, beauty supply stores, shops, and fashion stores. As well as storefront locations, you may buy beauty books from a number of internet outlets. You’ll wish to think comparing costs first to make sure that you are getting the hottest deal or at least to make certain that you are not being overcharged. If you have an interest in purchasing a beauty book, but you are also on a humble budget, you may need to think about purchasing used books. There are a number internet sites, including online auction web sites, where you should purchase used books, including used beauty books. Also, if you want to attend yard sales or book sales, you’ll need to consider keeping your open for beauty books.

Yard sales, thrift stores, and online auction web sites frequently let you get a second hand book for 50 or seventy-five percent off the standard asking cost. The call as to where you need to get a beauty book from, as well as which book you want to buy is yours to make. With that noted it’s critical to be sure that you know precisely what you are purchasing. Just purchasing a beauty book without skimming thru the book first or reading online reviews is virtually always a certain way to be had a meeting with discontentment or finish up wasting your money.

Beauty Knowledge – Importance of Beauty Knowledge to a Lady

There are many ways one can describe beauty as we all know the descriptions are beautiful. However, there is one unique description I came across, that inspired me very much. It sounds complex but great for every woman that’s living on this beautiful planet.

Beauty is the Anchor of the Strength of a Woman.

This is true and it is familiar to all of us ladies. Well, familiar in various ways but to summarize them all; it is our own Beauty that creates the drive to accomplish our dreams.

The reason why I decided to write on this topic is because of the way some ladies unknowingly abuse their beauty. There are many ways:

Ignorance of the needs of their body
Ignorance of the inner beauty concept
Allowing men to take over their beauty
Unnecessary and wrong usage of make-up e.g. skin bleach
Trying to be somebody else
Wearing exotic fashions

The above usual occurrences are the ones that steamed up the importance of beauty knowledge to every lady. The world moves along with emerging trends that dare mislead a woman’s beauty. It is thus requisite for a lady to understand her beauty and be able to “crown it” and not “torture it”

Every lady has strong points as well as weak points of her body and emotions. The strong points are totally unique and that uniqueness is what all ladies have to “crown”. Everybody likes beautiful appearances and we normally love crowning them. On the other side, we torture what we hate or do not satisfy us. Torture is in the form of: applying chemicals on your natural look, wearing styles that don’t figure-match your body, and many others. Crowning is emphasizing the strong points while crashing the weak points. So torturing yourself is failing to understand yourself leading to more weak points, whereas crowning yourself is understanding yourself leading to greater strong points.

Cosmetic Dentist Procedure

A cosmetic dentist can give you the smile you’ve always wanted! Teeth whitening and dental implants are two common reasons for visiting a cosmetic dentist. I once went to a cosmetic dentist for health of my bone and teeth, for some dental work that would affect my future need or no need for dental implants.

While in my late teens, my regular dentist expressed concern over the six bottom teeth in my mouth and the surrounding gums. My dentist referred me to a cosmetic dentist who could perform a dental surgery of skin grafting tissue from the top of my mouth to improve the amount of gum tissue I had in the bottom of my mouth around those six teeth. The reason for the dental procedure performed by the cosmetic dentist was because I had extreme gum erosion around those bottom front six teeth. My regular dentist and cosmetic dentist both said that at the rate of that erosion, I would lose my teeth and also have some bone erosion. When I heard my cosmetic dentist explain this about my teeth I imagined myself without six bottom teeth, ugh! All gums and no bottom teeth in my smile would not do! I didn’t know about the option of dental implants at the time and dreaded the thought of being without teeth!

My cosmetic dentist informed me of the procedure he would do and the effect that it would have on my teeth and bone. Extra tissue from the top of my mouth would be removed and grafted into the gum area around my bottom teeth. The cosmetic dentist was professional about his explanation but used words that helped me understand what he would be doing for my teeth. As a teenager rather than feeling intimidated by my cosmetic dentist, I felt that my cosmetic dentist had my best welfare in his concern.

When the day of the surgery on my smile came, the cosmetic dentist and his staff explained the medicine they would use to put me out along with the numbing medicine they would use around my teeth and mouth. The cosmetic dentist procedure was done while I was under gas so I was still a little aware of what was going on with my teeth during the entire cosmetic procedure. I recall having some type of block in my mouth to keep my teeth from closing so that my cosmetic dentist and staff could work easily and quickly on my teeth and mouth tissue. Overall, the cosmetic procedure was a success and I still benefit today from the work my cosmetic dentist performed.

When I think about this minor cosmetic surgery I had that effected the health of my bone and teeth, and ultimately ensured that I would have my natural teeth smile for longer, I’m really glad for my the cosmetic dentist and his team and the work they did. Knowing what I know now about dental implants I know that my fears of being without teeth wouldn’t have to be reality because dental implants could replace those missing teeth, but ugh the thought of a cosmetic dentist drilling into my jaw bone to anchor those false teeth and dental implants…it just makes me more grateful for the necessary cosmetic procedure I had done early on in life to help my teeth be around for my smile that much longer. Thank you cosmetic dentist!